The National Trust Tent House was once located on Fourth Avenue, it recently was relocated to its current position at the Beth Anderson Museum and Underground Hospital.


The Beth Anderson Museum is full of wonderful memorabilia from the 1930's through to  the current day

“Would go back again that's for sure”

A very interesting place, must have really hard times back then. All the old equipment they used back then must have made the doctors and nurses jobs so hard. I take my hat and off to the pioneers they did things so tough but we wouldn't have a country that we have now without them. They must have lost a lot of people because they lacked the equipment & knowledge that the doctors these day have. Must have been awful during the war years not knowing if they were going to be attacked. Would go back again that's for sure.
Wendy O, Brisbane, Australia

Tent house


The Underground Hospital, constructed during March/April 1942 was built by off-duty miners from Mount Isa Mines. As a wartime underground civilian hospital, built by civilians, it appears to be unique in Australia..